About Cancer Care Foundation

Cancer Care Foundation was established in 2018 as a not-for-profit charity organisation dedicated to one clear purpose:

creating the much-needed practical support for cancer patients to ease and improve their treatment journey so their energies are focused on getting well.


To develop new cancer treatments, develop awareness campaigns to promote cancer prevention, and to enhance quality of life for cancer patients and their carers by improving accessibility to cancer related service.

In doing so the Foundation may undertake activities such as (not limited to):

fostering and improving the health and well-being of patients that are affected by cancer and provide support for the carers of those patients

developing or providing aids or equipment to help and assist patients that are suffering from cancer

supporting, funding, providing and advancing education and training on causes, prevention, management and treatment of cancer 

raising public awareness of various cancers, their causes and promote measures that can be taken to guard against them or prevent contracting or transmitting them

supporting and conducting medical research (including running clinical trials and conducting studies) into the causes, prevention, management and treatment of cancer

supporting, implementing and conducting research into methods and treatments to alleviate suffering or distress caused by cancer

providing relief from financial hardship for patients suffering from cancer and their carers through care and amenities and other means



Our founders are researchers and cancer treatment specialists. We understand the cancer treatment journey and its challenges, and know that a holistic, caring support system makes a real difference for patients and their families as they go through their treatment.

Our clinics and treatment centres are community focused which means we are aware of the many ways in which direct, practical and immediate help is needed – like reliable transport making access to care easier, providing a nutritious lunch if it’s a long tiring day, and knowing there is someone to talk to who really understands. 

For patients receiving treatment at CCA Cancer Centres, the Foundation is committed to making a real difference – because we believe that the best care is local. 



Research is an important part of our work as cancer specialists, and we are committed to provide each patient with the optimal combination of available treatment, whether new drugs, or specialist equipment that makes the treatment more comfortable. 

The Cancer Care Foundation will enable local CCA Cancer Centres to purchase specific specialist equipment and participate in research into causes, diagnosis and treatment of cancer illnesses, publishing the results and providing training for medical professionals on the most recent developments.

Without you, we simply couldn’t provide the support needed.
There are many ways you can get involved and help change the lives of people affected by cancer.

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